Updating a page

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Authenticated User); // Gets the page that will be linked Tree Node original Page = tree.

Back up your website's files to ensure that you can revert back to the point when things were working.

Is Checked Out) // Gets a page named 'On Roasts' Tree Node page = Document Helper.

First Object; // Checks if the page is checked-out if (page.

= null)) // Creates an instance of the Tree provider Tree Provider tree = new Tree Provider(Membership Context.

Culture("en-us"); // Updates the "Document Name" and "Article Title" fields of each retrieved page foreach (Tree Node page in pages) // Gets the latest edited version of article pages stored under the '/Articles/' path // The pages are retrieved from the Dancing Goat site and in the "en-us" culture var pages = Document Helper.

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For example, United States presidential election, 2008 will need to be updated on November 4, 2008 (election), December 15, 2008 (electoral college), January 6, 2009 (tallying), and January 20, 2009 (inauguration), although this specific article is unlikely to need such reminders.