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In "enjo kosai", which emerged in the 1990s, older men pay teenage girls for dates that can involve sex, while the expression "JK" - a Japanese-language abbreviation for high-school girls - refers to more organised and systematic operations in which girls can give massages, lie down next to men or go with them for a stroll.

The US State Department last year said in a report that "enjo kosai...

The testimonial was part of an exhibit, including photos and artwork, in the Japanese capital that sheds light on an underground industry known as "enjo kosai", or compensated dating, where men pay girls for dates that often lead to sex.

Japanese men's fascination with high-school girls fuels demand for such services, and exhibit organizer Yumeno Nito said many people have the wrong idea about the girls themselves.

(Source: Japan’s suicide rate exceeds world average: WHO report) Prostitution of Japanese Children: The practice of enjo kosai (compensated dating) and joshi kosei osanpo (female high school students are paid to take walks with older men) have been cited in the “2014 Trafficking in Persons Report” as incidents of human trafficking which continue to facilitate the prostitution of Japanese children.

(Source: 2014 Trafficking in Persons Report) Christian counseling is practically unheard of in Japan.

Whether or not critical discussion is realized in a different form ofdiscourse, namely literary discourse, will be the central question of thefinal part of my presentation where I examine Murakami Ryū’s novel Love & Pop (1996).

TOKYO (Reuters) - "At that moment, I understood what it means to feel like I'd rather die," wrote a young Japanese woman, recalling the trauma she suffered as a pre-teen, over having sex with a man to earn funds to repay what she thought was a debt.

In my paper, however, I argue that this quote;scandalous social problemquote; has been created by the media, which in the process of quote;manufacturing newsquote; provides us with a lens through which reality is seen.It is "unacceptable" that the envoy cited "unreliable information" without a source, the ministry revealed in a statement on Monday (Nov 10).Last month, Ms Maud de Boer-Buquicchio, the UN's special rapporteur on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography, touched on the Japanese social phenomenon of "enjo kosai", often translated as "compensated dating", during a press conference.A common misconception is that enjo-kōsai always involves some form of sexual activity.The term enjo-kōsai first appeared in the Asahi Shimbun on September 20, 1994.

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TOKYO (AFP) - The Japanese government is demanding a United Nations envoy retract remarks that 13 per cent of schoolgirls in Japan are involved in forms of paid dating that can involve sex.