Email not validating on blackberry

Posted by / 26-Oct-2017 05:48

I did as I was told (beginning to think that this was rather foolish) and my Blackberry says that the password is not valid. Thanks, Jo Without actually reading the email, it sounds to me like a scam. Have you changed any passwords or edited any of your accounts lately?

If your Exchange account still doesn't work, contact your corporate IT department for more help.also what is the carrier you have your data plan with?the login to bis is maybe where you are seeing issues? this is different than yahoo email and password most likely this is the bis login. accessing bis and email account and password are seperate.Black Berry OS 5, 6 or 7 You can validate your email address password on your Black Berry phone or on a computer using Black Berry Internet Service.Hi, I got an email tonight from an email address claiming to be from Blackberry telling me to validate my password for the email account.

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All I do is put in his email password and that's it, it validates and emails come pouring in.

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