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There is a TON of pressure to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea for your spouse, and that pressure multiplies thanks to the time crunch of our busy schedules.That’s why we’ve pulled together this I’ve always found cooking up a thoughtful Valentine’s gift idea for my husband difficult, because many gifts marketed this time of year are for women (my hubby would definitely be confused if I bought him flowers! So, if you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for him or simply looking for a Valentine’s gift with lots of WOW factor, then read on!S., were given the opportunity to size up their provincial candidates face-to-face Monday as part of an event that took a political twist on speed dating About 40 people turned out to meet and question candidates running for the provincial Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, New Democrats and Greens in Dartmouth North.It was part of a voter engagement process put on by the Dartmouth North Community Food Centre called Speak Up, Show Up.Now that all your presents and cards are prepared, you could take this time to individually wrap each box and/or wrap the large box in which you are placing all twenty-four Valentine’s Day gifts for your man.Then, seal up your box and place our Valentine’s Day card printable on top of the box.Another option is to place the cards into the small boxes or bags and place the envelope labels directly onto the boxes or bags!Now that all the printables are ready, it’s time to choose the gifts!

"A lot of the times the solutions [politicians] come up with have nothing to do with us." The first session was a community conversation about local issues, including the need for a local health centre.Since we are talking about twenty-four Valentine’s Day gifts for your spouse, I’ve included gift ideas which are adorable but thrifty, as well!Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: A fuzzy blanket (maybe with his favorite team’s logo or in his favorite color), gloves, socks, hot chocolate mix and mug, or materials for you to give him a hot towel facial.That includes four municipal elections, 19 budgets and countless meetings.Story ideas can be sent to [email protected] in Dartmouth, N.

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