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Are we dating or just friends lyrics

We think that says a lot about why so many of us love Disney as much as we do.

Which is how we justified combing through each track on and trying to find Rihanna somewhere. Our best friend.“Keep The Family Close”Stand-out lyric: “All of my ‘let’s just be friends’ are friends I don’t have anymore / Guess that’s why they say you need family for”Is it about Rihanna? Considering this is a song about complete and utter betrayal (or just making Drake mad — who can be sure), we know it takes Rihanna out of the mix. Rihanna would never betray Drake because Rihanna is Queen and/or a god. Just "6ix God," if you’re listening, please don’t let this be about Nicki. Frankly, I hope to one day love anything as much as Drake loves his hometown.♫ Several of you cited this title lyric from Genie’s song as your favorite.It’s a true show-stopper of a song from one of the movies that defined our childhood.You delivered, and we had a hard time narrowing it down to fifteen.But when we have a duty to perform, we take it seriously.

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So much in fact, that Rap Genius saw it’s highest traffic day to date in its four years of operation the day after the album leaked as Team Drizzy flocked in droves to the site to figure out the perfect lyric to cryptically text to an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.